The Arizona Hotel was built in 1917, by Henry O. Jaastad for L.G. Radulovich. This Tucson heirloom, was originally a 39 room hotel with exterior bathrooms (showers and toilets were located on a second story covered porch on the west side of the building). Four retail spaces were located below, and the hotel had two interior light wells, or atrium spaces.


Over the years, the building has served as restaurant space, a bank, a beauty school, manufacturing and was finally remodeled in 1989 as housing. An elevator was added and the light wells were enclosed. In 2011, the Arizona Hotel building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the building was remodeled again in 2016 to become the Arizona Hotel Apartments, Tucson’s newest luxury downtown residences. Come experience this unique property in heart of Tucson.